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Hello, new greenhorn here

Hi all,

I've been to this site before but never posted, thought I'd jump in. Always would go hunting with my parents and have been hunting myself for around 10 yrs or so. Would consider myself a greenhorn as I have only tagged one doe in my time. Hunt mostly general blacktail in the Willamette and Santiam units of Oregon. Hard as heck to find these bucks, always spot does but of course I never get a tag for that area.

Problably will go general deer hunting again this year. Would like to go general elk hunting at the coast. Don't know what I'd do if I got one...I drive a tracker, would have to drive home without the top..haha

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I see that you have been here

I see that you have been here for a while but welcome anyway. 

If I can put a whole 6pt bull elk into a 1962 Volkswagon Beatle you can get it into the tracker. 

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I think the hardest part of

I think the hardest part of hunting in the valley is finding a place. I graduated high school in Independence a lot of years ago. Family had over 230 ac to hunt. I also hunted Blackrock up behing Falls City and hunted all around Valsetz, I lived in Valsetz at that time. But you get into the Valley and places get scarce unless you know someone. Come to think of it, I've hunted behind Dallas in the Polk Talbot area and inn behind Salt Creek. Need to be out and waiting before sun up and last hr or so before sun down. Durning the day just waalk around through the brush looking for good spots to sit. Often you'll jump beded deer that way. often they let you walk by and go out behind you. Move slowly!