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Hello Ladies!

At least I think so! I belive this is two does or a doe and her young. Not sure any ideas? 

I had my trail cam out for one week and was blessed with 9411 photos and only 20 had these to deer. I also have a couple of night shots of some rabbits. These deer only came on this trail the one day. As I was hiking out I found a trail that is used more often I think. I will probly go back and put it there. How Often is to often to enter there area? When I do go I spray some scent elliminator to minimize my presents.

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Phew.  I thought you were

Phew.  I thought you were going to post photos of a deer you got in A-22, and I was going to tell you to bite me!!!!! lol

Saw a hell of a buck taken on Sunday. Seriously cannot believe it came from Southern California.  I wasn't able to get out, but will be there in a few days.

Nice photos.  For sure a doe and a young one, but I am a little concerned about that little guy in the last photo.  This time of year, I can't think of why it is so thin.  Look at the ribs.  It should still be getting some nice fatty milk from Mom. I am not exactly sure where you have your cams, but I think you may have given me a general area.  How's the water situation?  Looks like somewhere that might have burned a few years ago, maybe the 2007 fires.  So, there should be some good forage.  Confusing......

As for scent eliminator, it totally depends on where you hunt.  I never use it where I bow hunt, because I am literally in between and around cabins.  There are people all over, and the deer are used to human smell.  However, if you are in the backcountry, it can't hurt to spray a little one there.  Of course, if you are closer to the border where there are alot of illegal aliens hiking through the mountains, they may be used to it there too.

Shoot me a PM if you have any more questions.  I need to know where to fill my G-13 tag this year... Wink

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