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Heads Up on a scope

I thought I should mention an excellent deal on a quality scope out there now. Cabelas has a sale on the Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9x40 for $200., which is about $100 off the regular price along with being about $200 lower than the normal price of the very similar 4200 series 2.5-10x40. I've purchased my second Elite 4200 3-9x40 now, during this sale. They are very good quality scopes, IMHO.   Thumbs up

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I like Bushnell scopes, and I

I like Bushnell scopes, and I think they get the lower end of the totem pole when being discussed.

Of course, it helps that I won 2 of them on here this fall Wink, but even before that, I owned one. 

For someone on a budget, that still wants quality optics, I wouldn't hesitate to go with them.

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The elites are good scopes

The elites are good scopes but get overlooked by serious sportsmen because of all the lower end stuff that Bushnell sells.

I don't have any of their scopes right now but my rangefinder has been a great product and indisposable tool.

All the Sportviews from years back gave the name a bad reputation for heavy recoil rifles.

I know because I shot 3 of them loose myself before I wised up and started saving for better glass.

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