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Heading out Monday!

Heading out Monday on our annual trip to our regular stomping ground, area 421. Anybody been up on the Mesas this fall? Looks like ya'll have had a good bit of rain this year so I am hoping there is plenty of food up there. We are gonna camp in a different spot for the first time in over 12 yrs. Dad just can't make that ride anymore. So I am kinda nervous about being several miles from everything I am used to hunting. Same general area but just not a 10 mile ride from the truck. Was also trying to decide if I wanted to pick up a bear tag this yr or not, anybody have any comments on that? I will try to bring back a good story or two, since it's been a while since I posted one.

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Good luck on the hunt.  We

Good luck on the hunt.  We have had a lot of water this year and the grass was tall giving the elk everything that they need to grow some great antlers. 

As for the bear tag, it is up to you.  It always happens that if I have a bear tag I never see one but let me head out with out a bear tag and I'll see them all over the place. 

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I'm assuming you have a first season tag.  That should leave you plenty of time to scout.  We won't be heading up until thursday afternoon or Friday AM.  Enjoy the woods and good luck to you.  

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Good luck and hope the new

Good luck and hope the new area pays off for you. Sorry cannot help you on the bear tag as I do not know that area very well. Lots of cash to drop on a tag if you are not sure of any in the area. Let us know how it goes. I will be headed back out with a cow tag on the 15th for second season.