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Heading to gmu 78 Friday to bow hunt can't wait

I'm heading to gmu 78 this Friday to do a little bow hunting for a week i have been watching the weather and there's a nice cold front coming in and was wondering if there's been any bugling yet or if they would be  chasing any. I been hearing about a drought to but the weather I have been watching shows chromo has been getting a lot of rain  I can't wait I'm all packed and ready to go any advice would be appreciated and I Hope I'm showing some pictures next week. With a low of 38 degrees Saturday they should be getting fired up i hope unless muzzleloader season got them hiding 



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Have fun

Good luck


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Heading out soon

Just about to head out. Shooting for noonish, looks like sub freezing temps tonight thru Friday in my neck of the woods

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copenhagen......are you

copenhagen......are you familiar with unit 78? this is my first post and also my first year hunting in the area.  do you have any advise? i have a hard time getting around therefore pack on for 2 or 3 days at a time to surpass others in other places i hunt...so im willing to put in the effort. are you allowed to the use of atvs? any thought on places to set up base camp? i appreciate any info you can provide.....    btw ill be hunting 2nd rifle season with the hopes of archery going forward if i become familoar with the area.