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Heading east!

Well, taking the family on an 11 days trip back to the motherland (VT) tomorrow.  Gonna get in a little fishing, do some drives in the evenings with ice cream, looking for deer.  That's what my parents and my sister and I used to do when we were little, now I will take my son on the same trip.

Bunch of other stuff planned.  Should be fun.

Not sure how much I will be on here the next 2 weeks, but I wanted to say that I hope everyone has a happy, and more importantly, SAFE holiday.!!!!! Thumbs up

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Enjoy your vacation and time

Enjoy your vacation and time off. It's great to spend time with the family and doing the things with your kids and now in my case grandson that you enjoyed yourself in years gone by adds to the experience.

I rarely get much time off in the summer as it's the busiest time of year for my job. The best I can usually do is putting together a couple of four day weekends for camping and fishing. It works out okay though as I usually get plenty of time when the hunting seasons get here and my kids enjoy that more than anything else as well. We actually live in the heart of ski country and not a one of us likes to ski.

Enjoy your trip and take some pictures to post up for us as that's one part of the country that I have never made it to yet.

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Have Fun

Have fun, take care, and stay safe. Enjoy your time with your family.



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Heading east!

Sounds like a great trip!  Stay safe and enjoy the cool weather!