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He is definitely fast

I am not sure how well he can shoot but the boy can flat reload an auto loader.

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He is definitely fast

But can he slap a mag in that fast with a gun that has no wide beveled mag well added onto it??? Those race guns sure have all the amenities to help a competition shooter load quickly. I'm sure with some practice even you could load a magazine that fast into a beveled magazine well.

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He is definitely fast

I've seen autoloaders that the clip won't even fall out of that fast.. Tell you what I saw in Europe years ago. Guy, American, was shooting trap with a pump shotgun. On the doubles, he'd fire one, keep the gun mounted and eject with his left hand and catch the MTY AND drop it into a pouch on his belt and still make the double! The gun never left his shoulder!

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He is definitely fast

He's quick, although I found the video/audio for " Smells Like Teen Spirit Orchestra " more fascinating on the linked page.

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He is definitely fast

Quick! but looked kinda fake. A little on the theatrical side. Not to say he didnt shoot that quick. Maybe it's my computer.

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