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Have you ever used this?

Have any of you ever heard of or used fermenten? It is what is left over when corn is used to make ethanol. This is the information I found...

43% Crude Protein! Crude Fiber - Crude Fat - Ash - Lactic Acid - Metabolizable Energy - Fiber - Productive Energy

AMINO ACIDS: Arginine - Isoleucine - Lysine - Phenylalanine - Methionine - Phenylalanine - Tyrosine - Methionine - Cystine - Threonine - Tryptophane - Valine - Histidine - Glycine - Leucine

VITAMINS: Thiamine - Folacin - Niacin - Choline - Riboflavin - Biotin - Pantothenic Acid - Inosital - Vitamin B-12 - Vitamin E - Pyridoxine

Growing antlers are comprised mostly of proteins, 80 percent by weight. Dried Condensed Fermentation Solubles provides microbes with the nutrients deer need in an easy-to-use form, to allow for efficient and increased production of microbial protein. This increase in microbial protein production is highly beneficial to all Deer and provides a palatable source of Amino Acids, Peptides and nitrogen bound with an organic complex and formulated for maximum utilization by the rumen bacteria.

Dried Condensed Fermentation Solubles promotes optimal rumen function to break down, absorb and utilize the nutrients and proteins available in a deer's diet that would normally pass thru undigested and unabsorbed. Higher palatability of food sources means bigger, healthier deer!

Dried Condensed Fermentation Solubles breaks down feedstuffs inside the rumen into microbial proteins that doe's utilize to make milk and milk components. When more rumen microbes are present, more microbial protein is produced and the doe makes greater quantities of healthier milk. Larger healthier fawns means larger healthier future bucks!

It looks like a winner to me, what do you think?

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Have you ever used this?

Distillers grain, the byproduct of ethanol is fed to cattle so I imagine it would work for deer too.

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Hi CVC and nickmarch,

I was looking for arginine posts and came up with this one. Do you have any information on l-arginine? Have you ever used l-arginine?


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