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How about a Mule!!

You guys have all come up with some great finds, I have had a few memorable finds of my own. Several knives, a pair of bushnell binocs, a weatherby 270 leaning against a tree in Maine! but the best find we ever made was a Mule in Colorado.

This was probably our worst hunt ever. My brother set this up as a DIY hunt. He had the outfitter meet us at the trailhead with the horses but my brother only booked 5 horses for 4 guys. Looking at all the gear he quickly figured out his mistake. Needless to say it was a bitch of a ride in carrying, dropping, dragging, repacking our gear just about every mile. Finally we stopped and dropped camp only about 4 miles in, less than half our original plan. While hunting on the 1st day I cam across a white mule that was stuck in a rocky draw. He was very thin and had obviously been there for a while. With the help of one of the horses we managed to pull him out. We kept him fed for the week and My dad is pretty handy and made a pack frame for "Lucky" as we now called him. Never had to tie him up he just hung around camp all week. He came in very handy on the pack out carrying more load than 2 horses and after a few phone calls we managed to find his owner who was very grateful for the return.

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