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We were charged by a 12 point buck.

When my wife and I were dating, we would often shine the deer with the headlights in Mendon Ponds Park in Western New York.  You cannot hunt in the park and it is loaded with Deer.  The surrounding area is Sweet Corn Lots and Apple Orchards and their is White Oak Trees much older than any of us. 

One particular night we are in my wifes 85 Mustang and the mowed grass area by a pond has about 50 or 60 deer in it.  We are watching two nice bucks lock up and fight.  It was very intense and extremely entertaining for anyhunter to watch.  Standing behind them was a statuesque (spelling) 12 Pointer enjoying the show as well.  He literally never flinched or moved a muscle for 15+ minutes.  Then he decided to put his head down and charge the car.  He was coming straight us full speed.  We couldn't even react fast enough to get the car in gear and screamed like we were on a roller coaster.  About 10 yards from the car he made a sharp right turn and proceeded to herd every deer out of the field like sheep or cattle dog.  I don't know if this counts as being in the woods, but it scared the hell out of us thinking he was coming right through the windsheild.

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once, hunting bears on the

once, hunting bears on the oregon coast. i was sitting in the rain glassing for bears. the raindrops hitting the hood on my rain coat punctuated the aweful stillness in the air. i turned slowly to see what rustled some grass behind me.


there i sit. nose to nose with a 110 pound  female mountain lion poised in utter pouncing perfection.


i jumped up and went for my knife (stupid me, i had a 30-06 right next to me). i kicked at its face and yelled loudly scaring it into the brush. i collected myself and found my hunting partner (who had a mountain lion tag) just 1/4 mile away.

we pursued the cat later on and found it sitting on the road close to where i had encounterd it. shoulder to shoulder we held our rifles and marched at the huntress. she fell to a .270 sized dose of lead poisioning in the chest.

though i'm not even 27, the grey in my beard is undoubtedly from that singular moment.

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Actually the most scared or

Actually the most scared or nervous situation I have had was while hiking out in the dark one night with no flashlight. My then wife and brother in law were ahead of me on the trail through the oak brush and stopped cold because of the brush shaking up ahead. We waited and listened for a few minutes, the brush would shake and we could hear a wierd growling grating sound. I was only carrying a pistol so after waiting as long as I could while it continued, I slowly worked my way down the trail with my .45 out trying to pinpoint the sound and what it was. After about 5 minutes moving slowly because I was sure I was about to be charged by something at any moment, I discovered the biggest porcupine I've ever seen right at face level happily growling and chewing on the branches.

We had a lot of good laughs about that one later.


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Had a close encounter with a

Had a close encounter with a bear and a mountain lion on seperate occasions definitly got the blood pumping. Walking into a marijuana garden not gonna lie I was a little scared. But I think the most scared I've ever been in the woods was about 20 years ago, my dad and I walked up on two perfectly dug graves. Two holes dug about 7' by 3', I was scared! Never been back to that area and don't have any plans to return.

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