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I'm a photographer in San Diego and I'm working on a personal project, photographing unique trophy rooms across the western United States. Wondering if anyone might be kind enough to point me to some trophy rooms or their owners.

The images would be for my website, robertbenson.com, but the collection of pictures (of more than 40 trophy rooms)  once completed will be published in a major outdoor magazine pending pitch completion. 

My clients include New York TImes, Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, Runners World and other publications. 

My trip starts June 24 and will cover California to Montana To Texas and in between. Subjects always get copies of photos. If anyone can help me out, it is much appreciated.

thanks and sincerely,

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Sounds great!

Robert - that sounds like a photo spread I'd like to see.  I'm on the east coast so not much help to you.  I would encourage you to contact a member of this site who goes by the username Arrowflipper.  John has some impressive trophies, but even more incredible are teh trophy rooms of some of his friends in the state of Washington.  One includes a world record caribou and another has some incredible African mounts including some elephant pieces.  Good luck with your projet.  Please keep us posted as it develops.


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