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Tim, I asked that same

Tim, I asked that same question a few years ago to the old owners when they first went to this forum format and it fell on deaf ears and I never did receive a reply back about it.  Now with the site being sold a couple of years ago I really doubt that they are going to put any money into it but just sit back and collect the advertising money that is coming in. 

It also seams like it is more of a Colorado forum than the rest of the US but others do chime in with information about their states every now and then.  I personally would like to see more activity from the members in Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona.  I do my best to help others with questions about Utah along with Colorado but my knowledge is limited on those other states. 

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critter I have been on here


I have been on here for awhile. this is a good site, but there is a lot of good hunting sites out there.

people tend to go where things are usually more user friendly.

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Hi everyone just reading the

Hi everyone just reading the fourums and joined last night because i coudnt sleep. been reading these for a few years.But never posted anything. Most pepole that are on here proabely grew up hunting. But for me my father came over from Germany in 65 and was never that big into hunting after the war. So I was very much interested in hunting but I had to teach myself starting with rabbits.And my point is some of us dont feel exactlly feel the most confedent in giving addvice. But if you want fail storys I have plenty of those.

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Kimber, I'm in the same boat

Kimber, I'm in the same boat as you. Always interested in hunting but never really had the opportunity since family wasn't into it, and we didn't live in a great area for it. Did a lot of fishing as a kid, but no hunting. So I didn't get into it until recently, in my mid 30's. Better late than never as they say, but like you I sometimes feel like maybe I shouldn't chime in or say something since I don't have the most experience.

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I would also agree that the

I would also agree that the way this site is set up where you have to preview your post and then bring it up a second time to post it is absolutely stupid and just another reason that I don't get on here much. This site is so far behind the others I'm on it's ridiculous and it went bonkers when they were running those contests with jillions of posts, many of which were just to get points, but everyone seemed to leave as soon as no new contests were announced. I know a lot about Wyoming and get some PMs asking for help by people reading threads on this site, but it seems like there aren't even 20 of us left on here that make at least a post or two a week.

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OK,   I have posted my 2013

OK,   I have posted my 2013 elkhunt story.  Please, not too much laughing 


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glad you posted it, been out

glad you posted it, been out of town a few days and just got back, look forward to reading it. I was thinking of doing the same thing, posting about my hunt last year. Thought it would be a fun way to relive the trip and maybe someone might enjoy reading it, or maybe not, who knows. Anyway thanks for sharing your story

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This forum is pretty slow at

This forum is pretty slow at times, but I still come here. I've deleted forums that had too many jerks on them. Huntingnet, 24HourCampire etc. Too many egos trying to show off.

The only thing annoying on this forum is it keeps logging me out. Other than that I have no problems here.

As for helping others. I don't mind if they also put in some effort to help themselves. Someone brand new who just wants to know a specific spot to hunt usually gets ignored by me.

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Of course since a bunch of

Of course since a bunch of people admitted to being Wyoming experts ill be asking for secret spots shortly

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Small isn't always bad!

I joined this sight because it seemed to be a small sight with helpful and friendly people that seem willing to help. I frequented another forum with a lot more people. There were a lot of spirited debates. I do not have time to check the posts everyday. It was hard to keep up with everything and was hard to be part of the conversation. I like this forum, because it seems like a small bunch of knowledgeable individuals and I do not have to check the forum six times a day to keep up on the conversation. The threads also stay pretty positive and don't get as heated.

I just moved to Colorado and I am still working on a remodel. I hope to participate more once that is done. I will try and post some links to some of my old hunting stories.

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