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Critter, I think keeping a

Critter, I think keeping a journal each year is a very good idea.  Right now everything from my first two hunts last year is still very fresh in my mind, but I can see how as years and hunts start to roll together over the years and the 'was that on this hunt or that one??' type of details can be difficult to remember.  I already have files of maps with roads marked, camping areas, etc. from last year.  But I think taking the time to write down things learned, both good and bad, information gathered, funny stories, etc etc can come in very handy down the road.  not only for the person doing it but to share with others as well.  Right now my hunting plan in CO is to try to hit a lot of different GMUs in the first several years of doing this, gather as much info as I can, see what areas I like the most, learn as much as I can, and then eventually settle in to a few areas that will become 'our hunting areas' for me and my family.  In other words a lot of trial and error at the start will hopefully lead to narrowing down to a few future areas that I feel are a good fit.  On one hand I know that it is probably best to focus on a few specific areas or GMU's and really get to know them, but on the other hand since I am pretty new to CO life, I love the idea of using hunting seasons to really get out and explore different parts of the state and to answer my questions of 'I wonder what this area is like?' or 'I've been wanting to check out this area but have never been'.  For that reason I think that keeping a detailed journal each year is a great idea and useful tool to not only look back on for memories but to compare different areas from one year to the next in helping to plan future hunts!

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jeeo787, a great way to find

jeeo787, a great way to find out and explore new areas is to just go fishing.  Carry a fishing pole in your vehicle and take off.  With a family you can plan a weekend get away as a fishing trip.  Then once at the fishing hole take a ride around to see what you can see.  I am sure that your kids would love to look at the deer and elk that you just may see from the front seat of your vehicle. 

It doesn't work as well here as it did for me in Utah since Colorado doesn't have the amount of high mountain fishing ponds but it has enough. 

That is one of the differences between Colorado and Utah.  With Utah being the second dryiest state they put reservoirs all over the place so that farmers would have water all summer.  Just about any back country road will take you to one where there is some fine fishing.  Coloado on the other hand depended a lot on the snow melt and while there are quite a few reservoirs they are not on every hillside or valley. 

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Yep, that is a great way to

Yep, that is a great way to get out and explore.  I started doing that with some areas around where we live last year and taking my 4yr old some.  We are also already planning family camping trips for this summer that will serve as both fun family outings and recon missions!  Camping/fishing outings with a 2 and 4 yr old are not always the easiest thing, but then again what is!!??

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I'm on several pretty active

I'm on several pretty active websites and get a ton of PMs and emails asking for advice on hunting out in Wyoming since I go out there every year and have for about 20 years. I'd bet in the last 3 years I haven't had more than 4 or 5 people that have given a courtesy PM back saying thanks and telling me how things went. That is going to change and I probably won't be giving out much more unless its a person who is involved at least a little bit right out on the Forums. One big site I'm on had a very interesting thread recently about people putting up their first post asking for help. A lot of them were getting a pretty cool reception because it seemed that most hadn't even done any homework reading the G&F website for the state they were asking simple questions about. From now on unless a person can show that they've been doing their own researching and are asking specific questions, rather than the typical"where do I go to kill a 350" bull, but I don't want you'r hidey hole" comment, they will be told to get back to me with a specific question when they've done their own work. I guess this is one problem with the internet in that it's very easy for some that are lazy to just go on sites and ask others like us to do all the work for them. It's fairly symptomatic of the "me me me" society we now seem to live in!

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Its pretty easy to do a lot

Its pretty easy to do a lot of 'couch' research these days with the internet.  This winter I don't think a day has gone by when I have not done some type of research from the computer on stats, GMU's, maps, etc.  I'm on the computer a lot for work so its pretty easy to 'accidently' let the mouse wonder over to check out something to do with hunting/research!!   Plus I really enjoy the research aspect of it, its a whole part of the hunt in and of itself. 

That being said, even with all the online tools available, there is never anything as good as first hand knowledge.  I'm sure that's why many people, myself included, love to hear from those who have been there and done that before. 

Speaking of research, does anyone else find a lot of descrepancies in some of the CPW data that is available?  I'll find things pretty often where one set of data says one thing, then find it somewhere else and its different.  Very confusing sometimes, and hard to really know if its accurate or not.

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It was easy for me TG. I had a great Wy hunt for Deer/Lopes and posted just that. smile I don't know why it so easy for people to ask for "free" help and never take the courtesy of 10 minutes to say Thank You! Unfortunately, this is the way society is going. It's getting worse at a rapid rate. :(

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I agree with Critter

There are a lot of good possible topics on this thread, but I think I will try to stick to the main topic. Although I don't feel like I have been on this site for that long, I have been posting here for a bit over 3 years. During that time, I have received a few PMs asking for additional info. Whether by PM or on the forums, I try to share information as freely and helpfully as possible, while being discerning about how much info to share. It is frustrating when people only hit this site up, or a single user up, for specific information and never even try to pay it back. The sad thing is is these people don't even need to share some sort of expertise to contribute or pay it back. Simply reporting back what they decided to do or how the hunt went would suffice. Pictures are just a nice bonus. When I first joined, I didn't (and still don't) feel like I have any where near the expertise of the regulars on this site. Despite knowing that I am not an expert, I started and continue to post whenever I can. Several of my posts have been about "unsuccessful" hunts, but I still enjoyed sharing those experiences on this website. Hopefully others have enjoyed reading about those experiences as well. I like to think that I have still brought some value to this site, and I would encourage others who don't feel like they are experts to post up as well. This site has been so enjoyable because of the quality of the people posting to the site.

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i dont post on here much but

i dont post on here much but have been a member for a long time. i don't tend to ask questions like "tell me where to go hunting". Too much work goes into finding places on your own.  A few people on here have been very helpful to me and i try and return the favor to others when i can.  The help i have received has been very much appreciated. You haven't seen a story of my hunt posted because i haven't been very successful. and i didn't think anyone would be interested.

  OK, Challenge accepted.  Ill post about my last couple of years elk hunting in the next couple of days  

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Don't worry JL, 71 posts is a

Don't worry JL, 71 posts is a decent amount of participation compared to some.  I think this was directed at the hit and run type poster.  But, we would love to hear about the last couple of hunts anyway.....Wink

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these forums are to tough to

these forums are to tough to post on or just are not worth what you have to do to post stuff on. why do we have to post twice for one post. type, hit post and it should post. I stopped looking at this place do to, the ease of use is not easy. I don't want to preview and than post. and most folks are going to be that way. Also it would be nice if Colorado was its on separate forum.

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