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jeeo787, I will say it

jeeo787, I will say it again.  I don't mind helping other hunters but it would be nice if they would post some.  The ones that I am talking about are the ones that have zero post to their name.  Also as I said we all like reading the stories about your hunt weather it was successful or not.  Some of the funest hunts that I have ever been on not a shot was fired at a big game animal.  Sometimes those kind of stories are the best. 

I agree a lot of hunters don't have the time to frequent the forums every day or even once a week but they can always join in the conversation that might be going on or even start one.  That is one thing that keeps forums like this one alive.  Hunting season only runs for a short time each year and then after that there is a lot of other things that are going on where you can ask a question or even help someone else that might ask a question the you might know something about.


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Critter, I understand what

Critter, I understand what you are saying and I agree with you. Like I said, I've really enjoyed reading this forum, and I definitely plan on posting more. Actually I would like to post more, but sometimes don't feel 'qualified' to chime in on a lot of the topics, being as I'm still pretty new to this hunting thing!

I don't want to hijack your thread, but I'd be happy to post sometime about my first elk hunting adventures in CO, last year. I had some beginners luck and can't wait til this fall to get at it again!

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I have no idea of how old you

I have no idea of how old you are but you will find out when you have been hunting for a while that you wished that you would of kept a record of what you did on hunts along with what happened.  I started keeping a journal of my hunts and then typing it up on the computer and saving it to a file.  That way it is there for someone else along with me to read and relive good times.  The plus side to it is that you can then post the story here for others to read.  The last one that I did was my post about my javelina hunt in Arizona, I am sure that others enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed being there experiencing it. 

So start typing and let us know how that hunt turned out.  Cow, bull, buck, doe, tree, bush whatever you shot is always interesting to read about it. 

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I couldn't agree more. I like to look back at my research and hunt data for future hunts as well as to assist my son when I am too old to tag along. smile

Fun to re-live the moments too! I'm a data/research "geek" anyway! lol

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I haven't been around too

I haven't been around too long, just a couple of years.  I have been PM'd several times though and I haven't heard any feedback from those I shared with on their hunts.  Guess it's not a big deal to me, but it would be nice to see more activity and stories on the forum.

I have also asked others here for info/help and freely got their advice.  It's actually one of the reasons I hung around.  I guess my attitude is kind of "pay it forward" and I try to treat others like I was treated when I first discovered this forum.  That said, thanks Quinton, Mark, and Wade for specific advice and all of the regulars for sharing and posting great stories and info!

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This is an interesting topic.

This is an interesting topic. And oddly enough I did just send one of you a pm For which I now kind of feel like a (mule). I havent been on this site in a while, I love the site but only seem to really follow it in the year before I am going on a hunt.  We go west every other year and because I had a new member of the family last year it's now three years.  I do agree this site and those sharing info is incredibly helpful.  I have not solicited much in the way of Pm's in the past.  Oddly enough I do the same thing with a michigan fishing forum I follow and do regularly participate (I feel I have more to offer because I fish often) only in spring and summer. It is the same there though mostly the same people over and over again. As soon as fall hunting hits I am gone from the fishing forum.  So for me I did get some helpful pm's a few (wow 5 years already)years ago and while I did reply with a pm I never did post a story up about our hunt. Well after reading this I will make sure I put up a post about our hunt if we draw this year.  I feel similar to others in that I hate to offer info because I feel like I still don't have much to offer.  However this post is a good reminder to remember this.  and it appears a few others may do the same.  To much typing on a phone it's painful to edit!

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I get a few PM's on hunting

I get a few PM's on hunting areas. I try to help, if I can. I would say around 10-15% get back to me after the hunt. I do appreciate hearing back whether they're successful bagging game or not. 

I agree with you and based on my experience if they do not post in the normal forums, the chances are much less likely you'll ever hear back from them. 

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Helping newbies......

COgunmoney and jeeo787,

You guys are quite the opposite of the guys we are talking about. We need new blood on the forum and people that will stick around. The ones we are talkingt about generally do not post at all on the open forums and PM or email guys and then never come back.

I hope this does not stop other new people from asking for help. We would just like to see them stick around and maybe even help someone else in the future.


I even had a guy last year not take an animal and come back on the open forum and share his hunt.

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good to know we are not the

good to know we are not the pariahs - i am just trying to get some information and put together my first elk hunt and i have you and some others on this forum to thank for a lot of that info.

i can assure you, and anyone else, i will be happy to come back and post about or successes and failures. seeing as how i just got my truck stuck going shooting this weekend and pulled out by a nice CPW guy, probably failures, and potentially funny ones.

we are heading down to hunt cows in GMU 61 in 3rd or 4th rifle, and the info i have come across on this site and through a few of you guys has been invaluable. so thanks again. since this if my first hunt, im always open to hearing tips/advice/anything else, and ill be happy to share about my experience down there and provide whatever information i can to others.

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I keep milking Quinton for

I keep milking Quinton for information.............lol

Not that many people ask me for help, but when they do, I usually do a quick google search on the username and the question they asked.  If it pops up on more than just this site, I know they are likely just fishing for info, sort of shotgunning the web, and I don't reply.  However, if their request is detailed, and exclusive to the site, for the most part I will give my $.02.......

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