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Has anyone worked up loads in rifles with extra long barrels

The Burris I bought is every bit or more the quality of the much more expensive brands. Multi coated lenses and one piece tube. I can't justify spending 3 or 4 times the money for "a better scope".
Not that it will be any help in the field but, it also came with a lifetime warrantee.
As yet, I haven't found a reason that I shouldn't have bought it.
It fits that rifle like it was designed for it.

I sure like the way those 140 gr Accubonds fly out of the barrel of the 270 wsm. It's definitely a 300 yard rifle. That's all I need.
I'm also planning on working up a load with the 140 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claws. I'd like the extra insurance when/if I take out for a Rocky Mountain Elk.

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Has anyone worked up loads in rifles with extra long barrels

That would be cool to take a big elk with your custom rifle. I had thought about a Leupold or something similar, but my friend got a Burris and once I had looked through that thing, there was no turning back.

On my 7 Mag, I put it on there with a strong one-piece mount.

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