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Has anyone here hunted Aoudad?

If you have hunted aoudad what did you hunt them with? Where did you hunt them and please share the experience of the hunt or the animals themselves.

I just booked a hunt for March and would like to learn as much about them as possible. Right now I know little more than what they look like and the terrain they live in.

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First of all...

First of all, where did you book your hunt?  Did you go out of country for an indigenous animal or are you staying local for an exotic?  With that said, I haven't hunted either so how would I know?

My taxidermist went to Texas a year or two ago and hunted on a ranch for exotics.  He took a very nice aoudad and mounted it.  I just happened to stop over at his shop one day and he was doing the finishing work on it.  Wow, what an animal!!  They are one beautiful animal and make a super mount.  What impressed me most were not the great looking horns but the coat.  Much like a mountain goat, the hide is as important to the trophy as the horns.

Make sure you use a good taxidermist.  Like with any other animal, they can make or break your entire hunt.  Use one that is good with foreign or exotic animals.  Many taxidermists are good with the local animals but not so great when it comes to exotics. 

Good luck on your hunt and please show us pictures.


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I have hunted them twice in

I have hunted them twice in the Guadalupes in southeastern NM. So far I havent connected on one, I can say they liven in the rough bluffs if they are free range goats.

My hunting buddy has killed several back when they were listed on a deer tag and he hunted with a 7mm mag & 30-06. He got one back in 87 that scored #2 in the state and had it on display in a hardware store that burned down in the 90s.

That is a nice mount but I would have one done with the front legs so it would have the chaps that are on the legs.

Oh ya in NM they are calle Barbary sheep and a couple of years back the G&F included them in the draw so you cant just go get a tag in fubruary anymore.

Good luck and keep us updated. 


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Okay just to clear things up

Okay just to clear things up I did in fact know they were not native to the states but in keeping with the term "poor mans sheep hunt" I will be hunting them in Texas.:lol:  I found the best deal on a hunt that I have seen before and the guy gets a lot of good comments on other firums after doing a google search and making phone calls. I am not expecting a monster if I get one at all as this is not a trophy hunt. It is free range low fence in what is supposed to be some very rugged country quite a ways south of Alpine, Texas. He said if we get into them I should expect 26 to 33 inch rams. Not record animals but good representation of the species and hopefully a new and exciting hunt.

I looked at New Mexico as well but with the taxes there and the cost of the non resident license at over 300 it turns out to be cheaper in Texas with better odds of success. Texas only needs the 45 dollar 5 day license I believe. But it doesn't matter as the deer license I buy for November will still be good in March and cover the new hunt.

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