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We go all the time down here

We go all the time down here in Florida.  We take quite a few during hunting season.  They can reak havoc on a food plot or feeder.  Some of my buddies have been trying to get a little business going running them down with dogs.  You can check them out on FB.  shadygrove hog snatchers.  Bunch of 19-22 year olds, but they have a good time.  The meat is good in my opinion, but we usually dont keep the big boars.  We have two pens set up on our lease and we try to catch, cut and release as many of the boars as possible.  They really blow up once they have been clipped.  If you are ever in NW Florida, shoot me a pm and I can get you out with my buddies for free.  They will catch it for you and the killing is up to you.  Most use a knife, but some dont.

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Hog Hunting

I found Hog Hunting to be very Adictive I went a couple of yrs ago in Oklahoma was the time of my life.  The hunt was super exceptional.  They have a super good nose but poor eye sight 

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