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Harness Safety

This past weekend I was invited to bow hunt on a very nice property.  This weekend I also had company staying with us.  Well I stayed up till 2 am by the bon fire.  Finally, I head off to bed.  Got up around 4:45 am took a shower and headed to my friends house and followed him in to the hunting club.  He walked me into a nice lock on set up that he used off and on last year where he took a 120 class with a pistol and a doe with his bow.  It sat by a creek bottom and I expected to even possibly see a hog.  I have never taken anything with my bow yet.  Well this hunt had some hard lessons learned.  One.  I need to lose some weight and could not relax in that stand.  Two never plan on hunting the next morning if your going to be up all night.  Most importantly, Always ALWAYS where a safety harness.  After daylight and letting a 4 point pass on by at 10 yards about an hour later I was getting really tired.  Yup I fell asleep.  I had that jerk the head moment but reacted so badly I fell out of the stand.  Those climbing sticks really dug into my ribs nicely.  After composing myself I climbed back up bear hugged the tree while working the loop around tree free and climbed down.  I talked to guy that morning and asked how his hunting went this past week.  I there picking up his son to take to the Atlanta zoo with my family.  I told him the same story.  He proceeded to tell me he never wears a harness.  Well I think I changed his mind when I said, "We might have been visiting the hospital or worse today if I hadn't been wearing one."

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Damn scary, but glad to see

Damn scary, but glad to see you were prepared for that.  Great advice!  I never used one until my parents bought me one a few years ago.  We had a family friend back in Vermont that didn't come home from hunting one evening about 10 years ago.  His son went into the woods, only to find him dead at the bottom of the tree he had been hunting in.  Autopsy showed a broken neck, he had fallen out of the tree.

There are some little quirks that I don't like, but I still use it all the time.  Especially when the cooler weather hits.  I am dressed up really comfy, settling back, and I tend to nod off a little.  Not smart, especially when you are up in the air.

Sorry you didn't get anything, but hopefully you will soon.  Thanks for giving the guys a little reminder about safety.  Hope the ribs are okay... Wink

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