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The hardest part of the turkey slam

There's never enough time for shootin' turkey and deer! Cry

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The hardest part of the turkey slam

There's a program going on here in AZ to re-introduce, or increase, the Gould's Turkey here. I've read that it is going pretty good. I think they used to be pretty plentiful in the southern area of the state, but back in the days before regulations etc. they got hunted out. Most are in Mexico now.
So maybe by the time you are ready to travel more coop, there will be a good hunting population for your "slam" without leaving the country.
Good Luck. cool

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The hardest part of the turkey slam

Well, thanks for the info. I read an article on nwtf.org about the Goulds turkey and the efforts to restore the populations from less than a thousand birds. I hope they are successful in thier efforts. What a great organization.

I am not an expert, maybe someone can help. I believe if i take an Eastern, Ocseola, Merriams and Rio, that qualifies as a slam, and if i were to add a Gould's bird that would be a Grand Slam. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. It really doesn't make all that much difference anyway, I am not a turkey aristocrat, if i bagged a few more of any subspecies, I would still feel blessed for the opportunity

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The hardest part of the turkey slam

yes you are correct as far as i know in washington there are easterns, merriams, and rio's. that is the washington slam. and overal i know there are some subspeicies that are mixbrea between the meriams and rios.

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