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Congrats !!!


Congrats on a great, heavy, and unique bull ! Thumbs up Hard work usually always pays off !


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Wow!  Heck of a bull.  Great

Wow!  Heck of a bull.  Great story too, really enjoyed reading it.  Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hopefully his memory can be attached to your hunt and trophy in a positive way.

Thanks again for sharing!

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great bull.

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Whether your first, or 50th

Whether your first, or 50th with a bow, that's a great bull! Congrats!

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Very sorry for the loss of your Grandmother

Congratulations on a massive great looking bull!

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Thanks everyone, he grossed out at 332 3/8ths pretty poor fronts but he made up For it on top and in mass. Sorry for the poor feild pictures I guess it's a down side of hunting by myself. I made it home for my grandma's funeral got the cape fleshed turned and on salt. Was able to head back for the weekend to try and find that buck that got away. With no luck didn't see a single deer but had some more fun with the elk and was able to call in another big bull to 40 yards.  Now it's off to Nebraska with my daughter to chase whitetails. And a 4th season cow tag with the wife then chasin lions. 

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Wow, that is a hell of a

Wow, that is a hell of a hunt! Congrats!

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