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Hard work pays off

After packing my bow around for the last 2 years I finally was able to use it. The hunt started out kinda rough I learned my Grandmother passed away the first morning,
I Missed about a 180" buck in full velvet at 30 yards, the muzzle loader hunters on the private property below us had the elk running scared and scattered after what sounded like world war 3 the first 2 days. The third morning the bulls were talking and as the sun began to rise I could hear antlers locking in the canyon below me I decided to make my move. By the time I reached the canyon floor I could hear the bugles were moving away from me up the canyon I tried cow calling but that only seemed to make him move away faster. Knowing at that point that I would never catch up with them I decided to let them go. I sat down on a log, feeling defeated I just enjoyed the morning and watched a few does feed out above me. About 20 min passed and to my disbelief I heard and bugle about 100 yds below me with my wind blowing straight to them I jumped up and tried to help correct my wind and started to slowly make my move. As I closed the distance I heared some splashing and could barely see some cows through the thick tree's. The bull was in a small water hole thrashing his anlers. I took about 10 steps everytime he would splash. I was about 3 steps away from an opening where I would be able to see him and hopefully take a shot my heart was pounding just then a huge gust of wind blew down the canyon all I could hear was what sounded like 20 elk running away. My heart sank I stood up and steped out into the opening and to my disbeleif the bull was just standing there broadside looking at me at 40 yards I drew my bow back hit the release, my arrow found its target perfectly. He took about 50 steps, stumbled and slowly walked into the trees I could hear the cows calling to him from above and braches breaking and what sounded like a breif struggle. I Waited for what seemed like forever and slowly walked into the tree's where I last saw him and quickly found him about 30 yards away. First anything with my bow. Couldnt be happier I feel truely blessed to have taken such a great bull.

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Very nice!

congrats!  That's heck of a bull

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Congrats on a nice bull.


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Congrats on your bull 

Congrats on your bull  Thumbs up

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Congrats on the bull. 

Congrats on the bull. 

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First anything

with a Bow??? I hope one of those pic's was from the Taxidermists!!! Great story and hunt!!! Oh, and what a Dandy first critter with your bow!! Probably counting the days already until next year!LOL!!! I am jealous!!!! Great job Festus!!!  Sorry to hear your Grandmother passed away!! Hard way to start any hunt !!! 10 years ago I left my Dad's funeral and went straight up to the High country for archery Elk. It was a great escape for me! Although was not as fruitful!!!

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Nice elk

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Very nice bull - CONGRATS!!!

Very nice bull - CONGRATS!!! It will look great on your wall. And thanks for sharing that story. Thumbs up

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Really nice elk, what does he

Really nice elk, what does he score? 300 or bigger?

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Very nice bull, congrats! Thumbs up

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Congrats! I beleave some

Congrats! I beleave some things are ment to be! Sorry to hear about your loss! 

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