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hard cast 44 Mag bullets?

I was thinking about experimenting with loads for personal defense in griz country. I carry a S&W 629 Mountain Gun in 44 Mag. Looking for deep penetrating hard cast bullets. My experience has been that this gun (and my hand) like the 240 Grain bullets best. I have tried some jacketed 300 grains but can't group them nearly as well. I know some of you are going to try and tell me I need something bigger, but I'm not interested in hiking with anything any heavier. I'm practiced with this weapon and like it a lot.

Any thoughts on who makes the best hard casts?

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hard cast 44 Mag bullets?

I use wheel weights and self cast 200grn boolits that shoot great groups out of my 629 6 inch barrel. The bullits actualy weigh 208 grns but at 25 yrds from the bench they group under 3 inches. I use the lee mold.
Hope this helps a bit

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hard cast 44 Mag bullets?

I had a friend that shot a lot of cast bullets from a mod 29 in the early 70's. I enjoyed shooting it. But when he went to jacketed bullets, I walked away. I use only cast bullets in my 38 and mostly cast in my old 357's. This is strictly opinion. I'd use a Keith type bullet cast from straight wheel weights myself. I like wheel weight bullets even better tham the #2 alloy. I really liked linotype metal but they threw a bit light and I have no idea where to get it any more.

In the 70's we used straight wheel weight's and added tooth paste tubes to harden them even more. I notice that some things still come in tin tubes but don't have many of them.

If you want to go with #2 casting metal, it's 9lbs of wheel weights + 1 lb of 50/50 lead solder. Got that from Lyman.

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hard cast 44 Mag bullets?

I have used 240gr hardcasts with good results at the range. There is a 320 gr hardcast bullet for the .44 which may be good for your use. I've fired them, but they were more than I need. Maybe worth looking into though. I'd fire some bullets into wet newspaper or phone books to make sure your getting the terminal performance you need, no matter which bullet you choose.

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hard cast 44 Mag bullets?

I've been shooting a .44 mag for over 30 yrs. I currently have two Ruger Super Blackhawks -- one in stainless, one blued. I've had good luck with casting straight wheel weights for 245 gr (Lyman #429421) and 250 gr (Lyman #429244) and Win 296 powder. Both will shoot 2" or less 5-shot groups at 25 yds.

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Re: hard cast 44 Mag bullets?
Full Draw wrote:
Any thoughts on who makes the best hard casts?

If you're looking to buy them...a place right north of me sells a few different brands. Can't tell you which is best though.


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