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Happy Ending

I'm not sure where this was taken (some place called Monticello - perhaps Utah???, mybe someone will recognize the uniforms). Anyway we've all heard and probably seen the saddening pictures of fatally locked antlers in elk, moose and deer. This one has a happy ending (sort of)...the pictures speak for themselves:

The lucky bull did eventually manage to free itself of the remaining piece of antler.

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Happy Ending

Those photos are amazing! I wonder if the elk was strong enough to haul around the dead one. Great photos and I hope someone has more information about the story behind them.

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Happy Ending

I think I do, was forwarded this into my work email, so I'll look for it tomorrow as Eastern Oregon was blasted w/ snow and alot of places were shut down today. If no one has posted it before me of course.

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Happy Ending

Thanks for sharing!

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Happy Ending

Yep, Monticello is in Utah. Southeast area, south of Moab. I hunted Mulies there one year, and almost got run over by a herd of 10-12 elk, with a few 4x4 raghorns in the group. They put the brakes on really quick..... Yes

Don't know if they were taken there, but those are pretty cool.....

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