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Handheld GPS Unit for Hunting

I'm about to be in the market for a new GPS handheld unit and wanted to get some opinions from folks who had them on the different models that are out there. So let me have it. What is the best? Which ones do I need to shy away from? Which ones have the best features that are most applicable to hunting and backpacking situations?

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Handheld GPS Unit for Hunting

Garmin Oregon.  I've got the 400T, but don't think you can get that one anymore.  Best bet is probably the 450T.  I've been using handheld GPS units since 1996, and I hold Garmin in high regard.  Their products are intuitive enough that you can pick one up and get going without a lot of study, nor do you have to carry an instruction book with you.  The Oregon has a nice display, preloaded topo maps, and some other bells and whistles that are nice to have but easy to use.  One of the accessories I bought for mine is a snap-on carabiner mount so you can hang the thing from a pack strap, belt loop, etc where it's always available.  It's got everything a hunter needs...GPS nav, topo maps, compass, barometer, moon phases, etc.  And it's a tough little package that's easy to carry.  Boots up quick, too.

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I've beem playimg with the Oregon 450 for a couple of months now and love it. I don't know the difference between it and the 450T model but it does cost less and is now on sale and has a fifty dollar rebate. I had not used a quality gps before but only some cheap ones but this one gets it done much faster and has far more features than those I used before. I bought my own maps seperately that show all the publuc lands, game management unit boundaries, and even land ownership names on the private lands. They are not cheap but sure a lot cheaper than getting a ticket for being wrong when it comes to private land.



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