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Handgun hunting choice

If you can't handgun hunt in your own state or country - such as mine - you can always do that somewhere else, such as in 48 states or so in the US. I did that last time with this little gun:

And it got me a very nice boar and a whitetail doe at a PA hunting ranch. It's a S&W 29-2 with sub-2" accuracy at 110 yards (100 meters):

Given that I'm right-handed but left-eye dominant, rifle shooting has never been much fun but handgun hunting is really my thing. Sure, it has some limitations compared to rifle hunting but is a great experience.

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Handgun hunting choice

I've got T/C Encores. The only way to go !!!!!!!!!!

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Handgun hunting choice

TC *.* is the only way to go. Any caliber you want from 14 walker to your 72 Cal 12 Guage.

I have had a lot of folks tell me," You only get one shot!" My opinion. Why would you need more than one? I carry a revolver for personal protection. My favorate, TC Contender 10" 30-30 win.

Here is a group I shot this morning with TC encore pistol 308win @450 yards at a 2 inch target. It was from the bench.


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I use a TC as much as I can,

I use a TC as much as I can, the old Contender with a 10 in 44 or 45 barrel is light easy to handle and very accurate.  The 45/70 can be loaded from mild to wild and in the contender can be loaded beyond the guns abilities ,frame stretch is possible.But the standard off the shelf ammo is like shooting a warm 44 mag at worst, and my sons shot those loads as teenagers .The smaller calibers are a lot of fun and using the 22 on the contender is like having a rifle for rabbits & birds,the 222, 223 make awesome varmint rounds, and 30/30, 35 rem and rounds in that class work well on game like deer, caribou, black bear,and moose.

The Encore platform is heavier much stronger, will stand up to anything  normal ,barrels are for sale up to and including the 416 Rigby .with rounds like the 223, 243 ,260 and many more it is a fun gun with a range that is mostly determined by the shooters abilities.

And of course you can always go to the wildcats the JDJ's will handle anything on earth in the hands of a good shooter.

Having said all that I still find myself with a rifle a lot, if I'm hunting alone which I do quite a bit,the single shot pistol in this country just seems to leave me with a funny feeling,there have been several 9+ ft bears taken within 5 mi of the house and a couple within 2.5. So some days even the 300 win mag or the 45/70 guide gun seem a bit small.I have a Redhawk 44 mag that I carry at times and it to is accurate out to about 75 yrds in my hands beyond that my old eyes need a scope. recently added a SRH in 454 and look forward to warmer weather to work up loads for that and get so rounds down range.