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Hand Made U.S Mil Spec Ghillie suit's

Are u a serious hunter? or mabye a paintballer? Then u need a serious camo system that works. All i need is a set of your camo cloths and 3 weeks and i can make u a Mill Spec Ghillie suite. I graduated U.S Army Sniper School in 1998 and allso studied other branches of the service/country's snipers. After yrs of research i have come up with the best suite. The pics below show what a ghillie suite looks like. i build them to meet your specs. I build them for whatever envorment you are in.(even snow). Dont settle for the nockoff's on line. They do not last, most are not mill spec. I build only what is proven to work. If you are interested shoot me an email. or call me at 570-328-4625. the price is 350 plus shipping.

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