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Had surgery, can't hunt, sold my spot, haven 't received money

I had back surgery (28 screws and rods) 3 months ago and my hunting dream has been destroyed.  I had a deer lease in Jacksboro that I shared with 2 other hunters (which are brothers-in-law).  To make a long story short, we, the hunting party, got into a verbal fight where we ended up selling our spot for the remaining of the year.  The money that was agreed upon was given to the lease director who was suppose to give it to us and to have us sign away our rights to the lease.  We have sent emails and a certified letter to the lease director who is refusing to answer and give us our money.  To our way of thinking that makes the agreement null and void.  We haven't signed anything taking our names off the lease, but the person who took our spot has signed a new agreement and is hunting out of our old spot.  Do you think we still have the legal right to finish out the season?  We need some serious advice here.

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