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Had to give up Maine Moose permit Back injury

Well, I finally got picked after 20+ years of trying, got picked for the 2006 Maine Moose hunt in zone 8 ( Jackman ) then I go and hurt my back at work.
L5 ruptured disk.
The doc told me this past Wednesday that there was know way I would be able to physically make this hunt, he even thinks it's highly unlikely that I'll make this years deer hunt in November, "Maybe Thanksgiving week if all goes right".
I received the permit in Thursday's mail.
I sent it right back to IF&W, with an explanation why I can't use it, I'm just hoping it can be given to 1 of the alternates, it would be a shame to go unused.
Oh Well, things could always be worse and there is next year.
A quote that's especially true in Hunting, "HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL", hell, if it didn't, we all probably would've given up by now. Big smile Laugh Cry

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Had to give up Maine Moose permit Back injury

Ya, It's a bummer for sure.
A back injury is something you have to take care of ,as you know.

Will give you more time for the forum, computer, TV... try to make the best of it
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