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Fred is one good looking

Fred is one good looking critter and if I had my druthers I'd also take a mule over a horse, especially in nasty areas.

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Most of the areas in 54 that hold elk early is wilderness. NO ATV's or 4x4's.

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That was my point. Still a

That was my point. Still a lot of hiking with an ATV. None with a horse.

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As much as I hate to say it. Because I LOVE using my horses. If you aren't a horseman, and don't have your own to take, I really don't recommend taking them with you. You will spend so much time learning about how to take care of them on the trail and what to do and what not to do, it won't be worth your effort. Now, I'm completely on the other side. I know exactly what to look for to graze on, i know how to highline, picket, and hobble, not to mention learning the finer points of saddle placement and fitting so you don't gaul your stock with the cinche while you're packing out. If you want to learn about horse packing, i'll show you some stuff, if you're in the KC area. (I live in Paola) however, the ATV is way easier for you! The picture is my equine counter part, Java. She's always watching out for me, keeping me safe, getting us there fast. wouldn't trade her for gold.


The brown and white, Elvis, was another favorite of mine. Awesome... just AWESOME!

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Love the horses, I went ahead

Love the horses, I went ahead and purchased a new four wheeler. I am going to be hunting unit 55 and camping on my own. Would still like to meet you and pick your brain a little as this is my first trip out elk hunting. I tried getting a couple of firemen that I work with to go, but everyone backs out when it gets close. That's why I just said to heck with it and I'm going with or without. So here I go. 

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I appluad your tanasity, I

I appluad your tanasity, I too have problems with people around me backing out...My brother sometimes meets me in colorado on years he can afford it...but for safety reasons make sure you have communication or take your wife if you have one....Go gettem!

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I can see the problems of managing horses while hunting, I've seen that before. What about renting one or two after you have an elk down to help you pack out the meat?

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I can give you some excellent

I can give you some excellent help here as I have hunted this area successfully before with archery. First this is some of the roughest terrain that can be found in the area. If you hunt the wilderness area you are not allowed to have a motorized equipment let alone a game cart, and if you could it would be near impossibly. Most of the improved roads will get you within a mile or two of the wilderness, so there is not much need for a quad. If you have a 4x4 pickup you can get to the end of the roads and hike in from there no prob. A horse is not a bad idea for the area, however I have witness a guide (not my guide, a guide, I went diy) ROLL one horse and a mule down the mountain. They were ok but a lil beat up and It cut there trip real short. Unless you have knowledge of horses/mule care, I would highly recomend hunting from foot and if you get an animal then you can rent or pay someone to haul your meat out depending how far in you are. As far as a quad: my thoughts are if you can ride a quad in so can everyone else, and you will not get to the elk in that area because of the rugged terrain. Also I have seen people first hand spook elk while riding them in to there area and they were a long ways off (quarter mile), so I would not think it a good idea hunting from them, but just to get to your area.

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