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Gun-a-Week Drawing!

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Gun-a-Week Drawing!

Brought to you by
Pass It On -- Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

Every Ticket enters you in 52 separate weekly drawings…you can win several firearms with a single ticket! Bonus drawing for winner and consolation drawing for everyone else! 54 guns to be given away!!!

Drawing winners will be notified weekly. Winners will be posted on the Pass It On website (

Drawings begin the first week of January ’07!

$50 Donation is Requested for each Ticket.

Below are just some of the firearms that will be given away!

Remington Firearms:
105 Cti 12-28
11-87 Upland Special 12 ga
11-87 Sportsman NRA Edition (camo stock)
11-87 Special Purpose Waterfowl 12 ga
1100 Sporting 28 ga
870 Wingmaster 16 ga
870 Special Purpose Turkey Super Magnum
700 BDL Custom Deluxe 300 Win Mag
700 SPS Stainless 7mm Remington Magnum
700 Mountain Rifle w/Det. Magazine 30-06
Model 7 CDL 308 Win
Model 552 BDL Deluxe Speedmaster .22
Model 597 SS .22
Genesis ML Camo .50 cal black powder in-line

For a full list and more info go to
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