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Gun shy son from noise what can I do?

I was wondering if anyone had a child that is so afraid of the noise of the gun that he wants to go hunting but then pleads with you not to shoot because it hurts his ears. I gave him good hearing protectors but he is still afraid of the noise. I use a 243 and he is still afraid even a 22cal.


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Gun shy son from noise what can I do?

The first thing I would do is have the child see an Audiologist or other professional and if the problem is physological, a professional in that field.
I wouldn't be relying on advice from members here other than as "suugestions" The childs well being in too important.

Hope you get the problem solved

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Gun shy son from noise what can I do?

Been my experiance that some kids are just scared of the shot period! Like Hammer said Id first try the professional route. With all the gun critics and fear in the schools because of the school shootings, some kids are just out and out right terrified of guns. You being the owner of a sporting goods store it would surprise me a little that he is afraid of guns though since Im sure he has been around them all his life. Could be that he has exceptionally good hearing in the upper ranges that gunfire resides in. That was a problem for me growing up as well. Even with the big earmuff style hearing protectors the blast hurt. Once the little foam insertable ones came out I would put them in AND the earmuffs and was fine then.. Give that a try. Of course it could all be psychological now that he has already experianced the pain (if thats the problem) so he may just have to work through it.

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Gun shy son from noise what can I do?

I'm with the other guy's. Just a thought, if he likes hunting, have you tried a bow?

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Gun shy son from noise what can I do?

Maybe it's just a phase and he'll grow out of it. Just wait until he gets a bit older to take him rifle hunting. Some fears kids just grow out of. As a kid I used to be terrified to death of spiders and now, well.....I'm still terrified of spiders!!! But I also used to scared of Doberman Pinschers as a kid and now I don't mind them at all.

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