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GUN REGISTRY///////////////

What 's it now 2.3 billion. Well ok! Forget that I Hate it! Butthink about this:
The majority of registed owners of firearms are above 50 yrs of age, including myself. There is no process in place for checking on registered owner that arn't still "sucking air"
The Police Chief inToronto said last year" about 70 % of the firearms in Canada are now registered" He was then asked"how many firearms are there in Canada" he said he din't know" Am I missing something here?
70 % of"I don't know=???
Wasn't the old way more effective, when you went to the police and after a check, you got an FAC for $ 10.00 or not

Got to got:: Wife got PMS and I can't find the 12 ga!!!!!!!!!!!

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GUN REGISTRY///////////////

I HATE the registry program, waste of money and makes it seemingly immposible to hunt for food.

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