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The RCBS Rock Chucker is the

The RCBS Rock Chucker is the one I got and it was right around $300.  I have absolutely no complaints about it.  Works like a charm.  The speers manual that came with it is good too.

Believe it or not, some guys do build their own golf clubs.  Not very common, but I have known a few that did.  They would by different heads and match them up with different shafts.

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I guess that I would believe

I guess that I would believe it. Golfers are pretty fanatical about their sport as well and I should have thought about that. I still think it is way cooler to build your own hunting cartridges.

Prairie Mountain Man: Did you ever end up making a decision on what firearm to get your wife? It sounds like the advice we were giving you was not exactly what you wanted to hear but hey... you probably already knew the answer anyway. If mom is not happy... than nobody is happy. If you live your life by that motto, than you can save yourself some serious head aches. I am not even married but I know that. I have got a mom that can rip the walls down if she does not get her way so it is a survival adaptation. ha Good luck on your choice and you should post a picture of her pretty, pink lead slinger when you get it.

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well i finally found a rifle

well i finally found a rifle for her.  spent a little more than planned and not quite what i was looking for.  picked up a savage thumbhole stock with more purple and pink in it than anything.  bolt action but in a .17.  its a tack driver and even if it is expensive to shoot she will never put shells through it like i would, and besides, now i have a 17 in the collection.  she loves it so thats all that matters.  but i made the mistake of getting her started on skeet shooting and now shw wants her own shotgun too.  shes not too keen on just using my pump while i pick up a nice new double barrel though.  hmmm. i wonder why?


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armed and dangerous

Now that she's armed and knows how to shoot you better think twice about leaving the toilet seat up. Congrats to you and the missus.

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You guys are too funny,

You guys are too funny, LOL!!!

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I have to agree, from cold

I have to agree, from cold and lonely expirience, with Hal's interpretation of the issue.

The lady of the house is not referred to as, "She Who Must Be Obeyed" without just cause.

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Have no idea why anyone would

Have no idea why anyone would worry about the color of the stock on any gun.
Wal Mart sells spray cans of pink paint. If you can paint camo on, why not pink?

Gotta know a bit more about the starter reloader kit. You said $700. Who makes a kit that cost's that much? If you really want to get inexpensive, look at the Lee kits. They will get you going and you can up grade when you can afford to. Go to Harbor Freight and get a $20 dial caliper also. Or you can get one from Midway, $20 - shipping. And a case trimmer with whatever dies you get. Reloadinbg does not have to break the bank.

The idea that you might as well buy what your gonna end up with anyway, assumes that you can afford that right now. I couldn't go out and get what I have right now! Everybody does not have what appears to be unlimited expendable income!

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