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Gun Control Coming To A Superbowl Ad Near You

Bloomberg et al are taking their gun grabbing message to the Superbowl and you can read about it here.


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Bloomberg is a scum bag, nothing but an anti-American scum bag with an agenda.  He's always been.  That guy is one person all gun owners should oppose.  We don't need politicians like him. Same goes for NBC and most of the main steam media.  They get stories all wrong all the time and are terribly irresponsible with their reporting.  Maybe we should move for more conrtol and regulation of larger broadcasting corporations or hold them to a higher standard of reporting.  He's sure to piss off a lot of people running this ad.  I mean the superbowl of all things??  A good many gun owners and hunters are huge football fans.  Maybe the NRA and Tom Sellek should have some tricks up their sleever for superbowl commercials. 

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Gun Control Coming To A Superbowl Ad Near You

Bloomberg is a scary, scary little man.  This is a person who not only wants to take your right to defend yourself, but also wants to take away your right to choose what you want to eat.


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No Surprise Here

To be expected from extreme liberal/socialist and extremely wealthy heavy thinkers.  Let them live in real world environments and see how long it takes them to lock & load their own weapon - no doubt illegally purchased and owned because or their own rediculous gun ownership regulations.

I"d kinda like to know who the hell is paying for prime time superbowl advertising space.  If it's coming out of the two mayors own pockets (OK, I know that was funny!) then no problem.  If the good citizens of New York & Boston (Again a funny) are paying then there is a problem.

WE have to blame ourselves collectively as WE keep electing these morons.  I'd like to take this time to yet again apologize for re-electing Harry Reid (and no - I didn't vote for him personally).  Legalized gambling and prostitution doesn't bother me but I'm embarassed of my state for Senator Reid.  Go figure!

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Let's see, Dianne Finestien

Let's see, Dianne Finestien made handguns illegal in San Francisco when she was Mayor there. The only person caught with an illegal firearm was Dianne Fienstein in the mayors office! She said that because of her position as mayor, she needed the protection of a gun. It would appear all those cops around her, that are not around anyone else, simply don't do their job! The solution would have been simple. Fire all the cops and use the money saved on law enforcement to supply all the citizens with handguns. The extra money could fund the forming of a new state!

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