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gun cleaning question

Not that I am advocating one type over another, as I have been using aluminum rods and patch eyes and bronze brushes for a long time, but I hear good things about Otis kits. The idea of a flexible rod is really appealing for my semi autos. I really don't like going in from the muzzle end.

Tee shirts, handkerchiefs, paper towels, newspapers, I've used em all. Anything that is soft enough to conform to the bore and tight enough to get into the rifling works. TP might be too soft, but I've cut strips out of my tee shirt and used a trimmed willow switch to shove it down the bore out in the field before. It works.

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gun cleaning question

I work for Blue Wonder Gun Care Products and we use the plain old paper towel. Fit it as tight to you bore a possible and then push through the gun one way and throw it away. We have found that all you are doing is redistributing the grit and grime when you use a patch on a jag and push it through the barrel and then pull it back through before removing it from the jag. The paper also seems to engrave it self in the rifling better and tighter than cloth patches, thus removing more grit and metal contamination. The paper also does not seem to leave lint and other particles like some of the cloth patches do. And besides, you can't beat the price.

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