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Guided or un-guided

I have finally found myself in a possition where I can go on my long desired Antelope hunt. I have always figured I would go through a guide service. However, from what I have researched so far, I have found that I may be successful planning it on my own and hunting public land. Could you please give your thoughts on whether I should use a guide or do it myself. Also, I would not travel to WY without visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Teton's
Here are some points I'm pondering.

Cost: $1500+, license, airfare- $500+, game processing, rental car (for trip to Yellowstone).
Better chance of harvesting antelope.

Cost: $500 or so in gas if I drive (from Maryland), airfare and rental vehicel if I fly, license, game processing.
Lows- Driving 25+ hours to a State I've never been. Hunting an animal I've never hunted.
Highs- Sense of accomplishment. Seeing the country during the drive. Saving money for not using guide.

Your thoughts/advice are much appreciated.[/i]

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Guided or un-guided

For my nickels worth since you have never been antelope hunting and don't know the area, and if you really want to harvest a good animal if you draw a buck tag I would go with the guide. The guide should know the area that you are going to hunt weather it is public or private and he may have some contacts that would get you onto private property where the hunting may be better. Now if you know somebody in the area that you are hunting or someone that has hunted antelope before and don't mind not getting an animal then a do it yourself type of hunt would be good idea. It all really depends on your expectations of the hunt.

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Guided or un-guided

I agree. If you're coming out west from an eastern state where you normally don't have pronghorn I'd say pay up and go with a good outfitter for your first pronghorn hunt.

I've never used a guide or outfitter service, unless I can call my dad the guide for about the first 8 seasons I ever hunted. Dad hasn't hunted much in the last 15 years, but for the last 17 years my buddies and I have always self-guided our own hunts. I suppose that's one of the fortunes of growing up and living most of my life out here in the west.

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Guided or un-guided

It is kind of a tough decision, but I think I'd go with the outfitter. There is lots of antelope and public land in WY, but you'll have to decide how good you are at deciphering maps to make sure you stay on public land. The public land is often intermingled with private land and it can get tricky figuring where you are.

I've done DIY, but I've went with experienced friends.

I think it will be more enjoyable to have a guide to get you on the goats as opposed of traveling from MD and then having to figure things out too.

One tip, try to practice shooting at least 200 yards. You can get closer but sometimes out west you need to make the longer shot. My goats were taken at 300, 250, 75 and 343 yds.

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Guided or un-guided

If you have the cash definitely go with a (good) guide.

It's not an expense - it's an investment.

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Guided or un-guided

I am a fellow Marylander and I have been hunting Elk and Mule deer in CO for 12 years. Needless to say that my decision would be to do it the hard way, but that's just me. Getting started on your first western big game hunt is a lot of work, but very rewarding. I have never hunted Antelope so I cannot speak intelligently about hunting them, but I have researched hunting them on my own and will probably be taking that adventure in the not to distant future.

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Re: Guided or un-guided

skip the guide and do it yourself. Of all the big game animals antelope are the easiest to hunt. That's not to say you don't have to work at it some. Myself and 3 others came to wyoming in the 80's and filled our tags the first day, so you need to plan somthing else to do after driving that far. I now live in northeast wyoming and have had several hunters come out over the years and success has been 100%. In area where I live antelope tags have been available over the counter and you could buy 2 buck and 4 doe tags if you wanted. This can change from year to year depending on the population which is very high right now. I don't care much for outfitters because of the way they tie up the property and try to limit access to public lands not to mention the prices they charge that a working man can't afford.

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Re: Guided or un-guided

id go solo, no since in wasting money on a guide for antelope hunting. unless you want a record book antelope. antelope are pretty easly found. id say no guide its cheaper and a greater accomplishment. good luck

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Re: Guided or un-guided

If you decide to do a guided hunt please look at the website oldwesthunting.com The areas we hunt are 100% draw and we had 100% harvest in 2009. It is a very resonable priced hunt on private land in north central Wyoming. Most guys combine it with a mule deer hunt which is our most popular hunt. There are many different weather climates in Wyoming depending on where you hunt some places the wind is a huge factor blowing 50 miles an hour commonly. The terrain also varies some units are all flat and wide open making stalking almost impossible. The areas that I hunt have very little accessable public land and that is the reason that our numbers are so high and it is so easy to get a tag. If you don't have a place to hunt in this area you are wasting money buying a tag. I will help with any questions about Wyoming that I can.

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