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guided hunt

when an outfitters price says graduitity not included i know this means like a tip. How much is a decent tip on a well guided successful and enjoyable elk deer mt lion or bear hunt. and if it is a very unenjoyable experience and unsuccessful and poorly guided should u still tip an outfitter?

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guided hunt

In my opinion it would be somewhere in the area of 10 to 20%, but i may be wrong. Go with your gut feeling after the hunt.

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guided hunt

As a outfitter let me give you my take on this, There is no reason to tip the outfitter unless he was your guide and then it would be very optional on your part. it is reasonable to tip your guide 15%. BUT remember you are going on a outfitted/guided hunt you are not buying a animal. a outfitted hunt does not mean you guaranteed harvesting a animal. If you feel you must harvest a animal to have a good hunt do your Outfitter and yourself a favor and go to a game farm. I am not trying to offend anyone but not every hunt ends with a trophy animal.

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guided hunt

Be stuffed if I'd tip the guide 20% that would be like $1200 on my elk hunt. He would have to have brought a sister along that looked like Pamela Anderson to get that sort of coin off me. Tipping is strange to Australians as its not practiced here. To us its like trying to pay someone to be nice to you, even if they dont like you in the first place. I think one to two hundred bucks is plenty for the guide and dont forget the cook and other help with a $50. When I was there even the USA hunters were confused on how much to tip ?? Their tips ranged from $10 to $1000. The ones that tipped the big amount were multi - millionaires though.

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guided hunt

You often hear the 15% tip thing, but that's not very real world. I've asked my guides over the years about this after I get to know them, and they have always been very reasonable about the whole thing. $100 for a low-cost, one or two day hunt is OK, several hundred for a full-on elk hunt is fine. I think anything over $500 is out of line, unless you're 1) really rich, 2) the hunt was some exotic $15,000 deal, 3) the guide went way beyond expectations - or some combination of the three. Otherwise, $300-$500 is probably about right for a typical elk hunt.

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