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Guide to Wolves and Wolf Hunting Opportunities (feature)

June 2007 Feature Article:

Cry Wolf: Guide to Wolves and Wolf Hunting Opportunities

Ah, the howl of the wolf. Is any sound in nature more primordial? That eerie call, echoing off the spruce and rock faces of a frozen northern lake on a frigid winter's night, can rouse a man from sleep and fill his head with images of tracks in the snow and gore on the ice.

A wolf is a paradox. On one hand, it is a fearsome predator; on the other, a social animal that, when caught relaxed, is not all that different from the family dog. Read more...

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Confused,unit 624 Peninsula

Saturday morning I went to an area I am scouting/hunting, I am just learning the area. I was following a game trail when I heard a soft snap. In a second, about 20 paces from me, up popped over a berm what I initially thought was a coyote. I was not ready with my bow, however while scrutinzing the critter I noticed that it was not a coyote, way bigger with a heavier jaw, almost like a large wild dog, I would say kinda beige in color. I was about 15 miles from the nearest farm, I guess I wonder if wolves are in this area??
Anyone, I only had a few seconds but I know it was not a coyote.

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Guide to Wolves and Wolf Hunting Opportunities (feature)

By `this area' do you mean NW WA? I would not find it hard to believe. Whenever I fly to Seattle and cross the Cascades I am amazed at the amount, extent of wild country in WA. And if bigfoot can hide there - why not some wolves? I read a while back about wolf problems in Vancouver BC.

I suspect that the actual number of wolves in the NW USA is about 3 X what USFWS publishes, and that could probably be true of the range of the animal also.

Wolf sightings around where I live are on the increase, and (not) coincidentally a drop in deer, upland birds, and even waterfowl - and (not) strangely similar to what was going on in Vancouver BC ...

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Guide to Wolves and Wolf Hunting Opportunities (feature)

I live in Curlew Wa. 125 miles nw of Spokane, 10 miles south of Grandforks B.C. My wife was on her way to Colville over Boulder Pass and saw a wolf. This was about 2 months ago. My nieghbor was turkey hunting over Boulder Pass on highway 395 and saw 2 wolfs in the field they where hunting in. My buddy was coming over the north cascades this year and saw 2 in 3 weeks. We had our first confirmed kill, I think it was 2 years ago, maybe 3 on the McGervin ranch at Laurier Wa.

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Idaho wolf hunts first time in 80 years

The information in this article is good but outdated. We (everybody) can now hunt wolves in Both Idaho and MT for the first timein 80 years. Its a Bittersweet success story and we have been waiting for this opportunity for 12 years. I am so glad to be able to proudly offer wolf huting inthe lower 48! check it out on the web - this hunt could be outlawed by goofy anti driven legislators at any time so dont miss your chance to take part in this historic hunt. You can contact me for details - Good Luck and God Bless!!

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