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Guide Schools

Hey guys I have been viewing this site for a while and finally decided to sign up. I really enjoy the site and hope that some of you guys will have some info on my question.I have always been interested in become a hunting guide but never really knew where to get started. Then today I came across a website that was for a hunting guide school. So I was wondering if any of you guys have ever gone to one of these schools or known anyone who has gone to these schools. I was hoping to find out if going to these school actual help you find a job as a hunting guide and if they are really worth the money. Any other info I could get about them would be great. Thanks in advance for any info.

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Re: Guide Schools

Hello and welcome to BGH forum.
I only know a couple of guides personally, but don't really see them much anymore. One of them is a lawyers who guide only during the season in various states out here in the west. The other is a professional waterfowl and ocean fishing guide in Oregon. Neither of them went to any formal guide school, just a few years of experience being assisatnt guides for other services years ago. They are both very experienced hunters and fidherman with many years of experience under their belts, access to prime property and habitat, and have made the connections with key people over the years and own much of the equipment they need to guide clients on good hunts.

I've never used a hunting guide, so I can't really say much about it. All my hunts after about age 21 have been self-guided, prior to that my dad was the guide on our hunts when I was young. From what I gather, you don't need any formal schooling to guide, you just need to know how to hunt, know the animal that you are guiding for very well, and be good with people,and again having acess to prime land is key. You also have to be licensed. I would imagine that any formal schooling that would beneficial would be schooling in how to run a business. One of the guides I know who runs his ocean and river fishing guide business off the northern Oregon coast is a PhD wildlife biologist.

My advice would be to use your hunting experience to get a job for a few seasons as an assisatnt guide for a large outfitter. That's the best bet. That way you'll know first hand if you really want a professional job in guiding.

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Re: Guide Schools

I have, they do especially if your not from a particular area,dont know how to pack, shoe horse and a ton of other stuff. Alot more to guiding then what you see on TV depending on the outfit you work for. Some outfitters only hire guides that are guide schooled. Some areas you have to to be licensed.

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Welcome to BGH

Where do you live? I know here in Idaho a lot of the outfitters put on their own guide schools. I would start by calling them for some info in the state you live

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