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GSP Question

I love to hunt upland game birds and waterfowl and I'm pretty sure I want a GSP. Many people say they don't hangle well in cold water. I was wondering if I had them wear a vest, to keep up their core temp and to help them float. Being from northern Wisconsin, this is a big concern for me. Any objections?


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I doubt they will handle cold

I doubt they will handle cold like you have up there all that well. Why not just get two dogs? Labrador and a shorthair? I know of guy's that say their DD's do well in that cold. I don't know, I think a lot of guy's ask their dog's to endure more than they should. The dog of course usually gives it a go and doesn't complain. I had shorthairs in Alaska but I never sent them into water in the winter.

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Get a DD!  I'm up here in

Get a DD!  I'm up here in Michigan and mine is an all around dog that is hell on pheasants and also loves the water.  When it starts getting above 60 degrees out he slows right down and it seems like the colder it gets the better and happier he is.

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