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I feel your pain

Had two friends bail on me this year.  Was going to be a fun antelope and muley combo, but at least they told me just in time to change my application

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I know how you feel. I've had

I know how you feel. I've had really good friends bail last minute before too. I think every hunter who has hunted for any length of time have had this happen. My hunting partners now are my dad and brother and will get a hard commit long before season starts and we are the type to fallow through on our commitments even if we don't really want to. It's just the right thing to do. I also plan on hunting solo every year just in case someone drops out last minute. One thing I have learn is that if you have no expectations of a situation or a person than you wont get disappointed.  Good luck on your hunt and can't wait to hear the report and see the pictures. You did remeber your camera right?

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Man that really sucks. 

Man that really sucks.  Especially the day before you leave.  if I did not have any plans I would come and tag along and atleast help ya haul out the meat.  that can be a huge chore by yourself.  2 years in a row I think I may try to find another buddy who is more dedicated and reliable, that is pretty rude(lack of better word) to bail on some one right before you are suppose to leave.  have a good time and good luck.

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I agree with everyone in that

I agree with everyone in that this sort of thing really sucks. I haven't had it happen hunting but got dumped a couple of times on fishing trips. My friend was totally reliable for a couple of hunting trips but bailed on a fishing trip a week before we left, no big deal as I just took some one else. Thing is he did it again the next year. Called in sick to work the day we were leaving but never even called me!! I even went ot his house after work but he wasn't home. Even then it wouldn't have been such a big deal but it left me with double the fuel bill and other associated costs. Needless to say he has never been invited again even though it was years ago. We work together every day but he has never once asked to hunt or fish with me since.

Good luck with your trip and enjoy every minute of it.

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Man that sucks, happened to me last year. I had 2 other from out of state and we had fun, but he bailed on me a week out. If you are looking for other parties, we can get together in the off season and discuss possibilities. We can talk kids hunting too. Thumbs up . Good luck.

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Funny how things work out

It's funny how things worked out for this.  I ended up hooking up with a brother of 2 others in our group.  Never met him before this hunt, but he was a great hunting partner.  I really enjoyed meeting and hunting with him.  Probably the first of many hunts together in the future for us.

Just goes to show you, not all the best laid plans end up being the best after all.  Fortune favors the flexible and sometimes you have to smile and let things end up how they end up.

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  I know exactly how you


I know exactly how you feel!  My partner had to bow out too... but just for the first three days.  Totally caught me off guard because we too were sharing meals for these days.  Solo wasn't that bad... especially Sunday when I got to shoot my bull.  Solo was bad after I shot that bull! lol

You are correct - it will definitely still be a great hunt.  I wish you success in filling that tag and look forward to the pictures and reading the story!

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