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Grouse Hunting?

Welcome Diggem. I have heard chukar hunting is a blast, but have not had the opportunity to try it myself.

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Grouse Hunting?

I look forward to it every year,3 years ago I ended up with 60 birds for the season, We had one big chuckar fest. Baked them, fried em, deep fried and barbequed some.

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Grouse Hunting?

Well here in western Idaho the blues are where you find them mostly in the high pine ridges. The ruffs are usually in the creek bottoms and no dogs are really needed. Just drive along and watch for a spring then hop out and take a walk, most times you will jump a few right along the road. Both seem to like the road in the early morning and late afternoon .they come out to pick up gravel I think
Now chuker you better have you hiking boots on because they will out run you up hill with no problem. We always hunt down hill to a pick up point. I have to say chuker rank right up there with grouse on the eatin scale

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Grouse Hunting?

ive hunted ruffled grouse along highway 6 twords tillamook. There are quiet a few ruffled grouse throughout the area.

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Grouse Hunting?

we have ruffed and spruce grouse here

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