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Grizzly Charge!

I was guiding Pat Boyer, host of the TV show Northwest Hunter in NW Alaska. This picture is taken off of the video that we got of this bear that charged us up to 12 yards. We had watched her for almost an hour feeding several hundred yards away. She didn't know we were there and began feeding our way.  She started walking up the hill but couldn't see us because of the curve of the hill. When she did see us from about 40 yards away, she paused, put her head down and came at us.  Got some great video.

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Wow!  That is pretty exciting!  whew! thanks for sharing the great photograph.

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That would definately add

That would definately add some excitement to the morning!! Great picture.

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I am sure it was a scary

I am sure it was a scary situation, but that's a heck of a photo!