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Grizzly in Camp! (feature story)

December 2009 Feature Article:

Grizzly in Camp!

I was having a wonderful dream about a big bull moose feeding in the willows along a gravelly lake shore. It was warm there and I could hear the sound of the moose's hooves in the gravel as he walked around. Suddenly my mind said 'Gravel?' There is no gravel here!

It woke me, and as I lay in my warm goose-down bedroll I realized that the sound I was listening to was definitely not hooves on gravel - it was the sound of long claws clicking together as they came straight for our tent. Read more...

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Grizzly in Camp! (feature story)

Pretty neat story! Thanks!

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Re: Grizzly in Camp! (feature story)

Your story also is a good lesson about how to set a camp and what not to do. Great story. Big smile

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