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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

In fairness those that test and other bear identification tests I have taken are ment to fool a person and really make you study a persons fieldcraft.

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

black bear, griz never entered in the mind in any way shape or form. You can not use color to identify bears.


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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

Because the front feet are elevated somewhat, is it possible it is a Grizzly and the hump is not showing ? Never seen a live grizzly Think and never seen a cinnamon colored black bear although I know they do exist.

I "ll say grizzly.

My granddaughter says if you just go by color Grampie it just could be a ....................................

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

No ifs and or buts..........it is a black bear. Nice color.

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

It's a blond colored black bear. Other then the color it looks totally black bear. The coloring can cause confusion at times. Two years ago in Southern Colo. while elk hunting we saw a black that was the color of an elk lighter body with dark head and legs and it had us thinking we were looking at a Grizz but it was probably just a grizz colored black bear.

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

This bear is without a shadow of a doubt a black bear. Not an exceptionally large one as previously stated, but a nice bear. Having guided in both Wyoming and here in Wisconsin, I have seen my fair share of bears. Having seen both grizzlies and blacks, I am 100% convinced this is a black bear. It lacks the distinctive dished face, long claws, and pronounced hump. The shoulders being high is due to the bears stance on the unlevel ground. There are many variables when judging bears however, so always make sure before you shoot! Big smile


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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

I agree, i think it's definately a black Yes

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

100% black bear..geez from some answers on here i guess its a good thing they started requiring testing huh? LOL

cougar tests are another good idea that's growing.

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Griz Or Black bear? Need opinions!!!!!

it is a black bear, :yes if you want to look at another test go to the wy bear id test, there is some good pictures

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Yes Black Bear

Yes it is a Black Bear...for all the reasons stated above...Colour cannot be considered as we have black Grizzlies ! Can you imagine guiding for Grizzlies and having pure black ones in the mix ?

shoot that one by mistake and off to jail lol client and all ....

on a side note. It was believed that Black Bears and Grizzlies crossed in one of my areas. We have some things that point to it ...8 1/2 foot black Bears ?
....Nice Bear by the way, but not 500 lbs...

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