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Went fishing with a friend on Friday. Spent the entire day out and caught over 30 trout between the two of us (I kept 3 native brookies, mmm.). It was like a dream that day. At the time we were suppose to wrap it up, we decided to be greedy and hit one more fishing hole when we should have been headed home to the wives. Well, that last fishing hole didn't produce any luck, and the truck wouldn't start after that. So we had to call the wives to bail us out. If we had only not been so greedy.

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Fishing Rule #2: Always quit while you're ahead.

Tough break (harder on the ego). I'm sure your women were thoroughly sympathetic and understanding about the situation. Evil!

Don't worry, I'm sure by this time next week they'll have forgot all about it. Laugh

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at least you were fishing and not doing something you shouldn'ta been. Laugh

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Just like with playing in casinos "Quit while you're ahead!"

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Well, if you think about it, the truck breaking down gave you the perfect excuse for being late, not the greed....... Yes

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