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Greatest cartridge ever.

fad, fashion, won't be here long. I can't really say if the wsm is in that catagory,but when i went to find a good deer\sheep\mtn goat gun, this cartridge just seem to stand out. I can still have the tradional jack oconnor sheep caliber but with a modern twist. The 270 wsm just seams to be my go to gun anymore. The .30-06 just doesn't come out of the gun safe anymore. The .338 only gets used on elk hunts. The .270 wsm with a 4x12 scope just seams to work.

But than again,. there is no such thing as deader.
Besides if we all shot the old guns, there would be no reason for r & d departments. engineers wouldn't need jobs etc.


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Greatest cartridge ever.

The trick is to discern what is fad and what will become a classic. It wasn't that long ago the .270 was ridiculed as a flash in the pan. For that matter Sam Colt believed the metallic cartridge was a passing fancy. Time will tell.

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git er done

7mm stw worked for me hahaha

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Greatest cartridge ever.

The STE (was it a 6.5?) never caught on, but that 7mm STW is still holding it's own. Nice gun and great job!

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Greatest cartridge ever.

I've always been a fan of the .270 in terms of all around big game versitility. However, I've shot a couple of deer with my 25-06 I bought last summer, it's starting to win me over.

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Re: Greatest cartridge ever.
Don Fischer wrote:
What do you think?

Haven't read the whole thread but my vote goes for the .375 H&H. It is what I use almost exclusively here in the US.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

I own and load for both the 30-06 and the .308, if I were brand new, I'd shoot both, and the most accurate of the two would win. can I just be a fence jumper here on this one? LOL , I love both of them!

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Greatest cartridge ever.

After reading this entire thread I realized judging the best cartridge of all time has personal implications.

There is no one best for all of mankind......there is only that one best for each of us. The best cartridge is tied to friends, family, and experiences we'll never forget. Most importantly it's tied to how we view the world around us and what we feel it will take to conquer it. Or at the very least be noticed in it. For one guy it might be shooting monster bull elk at 600 yds across deep canyons. For another in might be hunting giant non-typical muleys in the cedar flats. Both require a completely different tool to have the best chance of success and each of us will judge those tools based on how badly we want to conquer what ever challenge we deem most important to us. We will rate our favorite cartridge based on what our father's first put in our hands and what we used to pass that knowledge down to our own children. We will have bad experiences with other cartridges and never realize it wasn't the guns fault or choose to ingore that fact.

For some of you with deep roots in more traditional cartridges the magnum craze was a farce and unnecessary because it implied, at least to some, that it can be done better than you've been doing it. For others of us we fell in love with them simply because our generation spawned them and it was our mark in the history of the gun.

At the end of the day it's an emotional argument based on our own conquests and past experiences. We may use numbers, charts, and all kinds of data to back up our choices but somewhere deep in our soles we are really arguing about our own persoanlities and what drives us. It's an unsolveable riddle when trying to identify for the masses.

BTW - Give me a .22 pistol and a 7mm mag and I'd never need another gun again but don't ask me to pick just one. Can't do it.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

well i gotta take my hat off for that response! more eloquently spoken than I'd ever be able to conjure up! and so true...thanks!

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