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Greatest cartridge ever.

I misunderstood your earlier post I thought you meant the 30-06 blows the doors off the 308.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

At those speeds you wouldn't be able to tell a differnece in external ballistics in the two (at the ranges we hunt ).

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Greatest cartridge ever.
remington wrote:
At those speeds you wouldn't be able to tell a differnece in external ballistics in the two (at the ranges we hunt ).

Exactly. Thumbs up

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Greatest cartridge ever.

You youngsters need to spend a little more time around the campfire with the old timers. Find someone who still wears wool pants and a Stormy Kromer and they'll quickly remind you that you forgot a couple of old time cartridges still being used with great success every hunting season. These two, along with the venerable 30.06 and 12 ga buckshot, might not be as sexy as the as the latest shiny bullets at the sporting goods store but together have taken more game and fed more families than the others combined. Put them in a lever action and you can't get a quicker, more accurate second shot. Need to take on the biggest brutes in North America with confidence? Look no further.
Figured it out yet?

You win the prize...the 30-30 and 45-70 Govt.

These brush busters might not shoot long distances but for most hunting situations they do just fine if the hunter has done his homework. Plus they don't get knocked on their ass if they encounter a twig on the way to the boiler room. They're inexpensive, easy to reload and won't ruin the meat if used correctly. Sore shoulder and empty wallet? Pick up one of these and your problems will disappear.

My line up? A single shot .22 (workin the trapline), 12 ga (for my feathered friends), 30-30 Marlin 336 (white tails close to home) , 30.06 Remington(antelope,mulies and elk out west), 45-70 Govt Marlin 1895G (anything north of the lower 48...including ole griz). Nothing fancy here but lots of game every year on a working guys budget. I've always believed that when the best cartridge question comes up it should always be titled "Toys or tools..."

Time to get ready for the woods...it's bowhuntin' time again. Now which arrow is better...aluminum or carbon???

Good luck this season.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight...

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Greatest cartridge ever.

The .303 Brit is Canada's "Grandpa Gun" - our granfathers learned to shoot it during all three wars and on return were pleased to find that the calibre (and rifle) were also excellent hunting rifles (not mention cheap since there were now millions of them as surplus. Most had the stock modified, like I suspect happend with mine so that the forestock didn't extend all the way to the bayonet lug. http://www.biggamehunt.net/node/29896

Ones that were properly cared for are getting hard to find 60 years on now, but those that were still shoot true as the day they left the armoury.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

Sore shoulder and empty wallet?

Now that's funny. Frightengly accurate for a lot of guys and funny.
The rifles you mention take advantage of good old fashioned MOMENTUM which for some reason has been forgotten in American shooting these days but is still nonetheless just as important (if not more so) than blazing speed. Everyone is worried about Feet Per Second and Foot Pounds of energy but they have forgotten about the concept of bullet momentum.

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old vs young?

I see most oldtimers favoring the .308 and 30-06 but see more and more 20 somethings buying .223, .243 ans .270. I prefer the 150 gr 30-06.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

Welcome to BGH!

I think the biggest shift is to various short magnums. Funny thing too as I though magnum mania passed years ago; maybe just for me!

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Greatest cartridge ever.

I guess if we really were to tell the truth the .22 lr would be the greatest cartridge if nothing else for sheer numbers and longevity.

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Greatest cartridge ever.

BunnyS exactly
Don - funny thing with the whole short mag thing is it really started in 1920 when Arther Savage introduced Mr Newtons new 300 Savage cartrige. True the Winchester "fad" (i'll catch heack for that!) seems to be waining but the classics will hold on (IFyou can consider the 308 and all its offspring magnums?)

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