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Hoped it didnt sound like a sob story I apologize if it did.  Im glad you old guys are on here so I can ask stupid questions to.  Well this is gonna sound crazy but other than the .300, which would be awesome obviously, I would love the spotting scope or the fancy shooting sticks.  I have a really nice set of binos but I wouldnt turn it down. I dont have anything to put on the tripod so I am gonna try to stay away from 5th if I can. Any place but 5th if that sounds crazy enough. Take care guys.

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Well I just got down from the

Well I just got down from the stand, Im pretty sure my toes have frozen to the point of no return.  It had been so warm I had almost forgot what 22 degrees felt like.  Needless to say it was a quiet morning besides the somewhat strong wind.  The wind was blowing harder than I like but I knew I had a better chance to see something if i was in the tree versus in the bed.  I saw a few squirel but that was the extent of what I saw in the tree.  I saw a few doe on the drive to the hunting ground but far less that I usually see.  I think they got the message that it was open season for me with doe and they avoided me at all cost.  I checked the trail camera and got a few more pictures, a few doe, a dog and a small three point buck.  Haven't seen anything of this deer this year so that makes the fifth buck (four of which were young) that are bedding and feeding near the stand.  This shows promise for the years to come, maybe one of them will be my future trophy.  As for now I still have all my tags to fill and I will be looking to fill them with does.  Thin the herd a little and try and make it a little more competitive for the bucks.  There is only three weeks left in the season so I need to get moving if im going to harvest enough meat to last me till next season.  As for now its time for a warm cup of coffee and maybe a nap in the ole lazy boy. Good luck and good hunting to those still in the stands, knock em' down for me

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