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Reloadersnest.com looks like a pretty good web site.

Thanks for that link. Reloadersnest.com looks like a pretty good web site for use as a reloading reference.  

Of course - as always – you should consult your printed reloading manuals and make every effort to reload safely. You should never, ever trust that a website (or even a printed manual!) doesn’t have a misprint. It is very easy for a typist to transpose numbers and for an editor unfamiliar with that particular powder and cartridge to miss just such a mistake, but it can make a big difference whether a load is listed as 2.5 grains or 5.2 grains of a given powder in a pistol cartridge; or 56 grains as opposed to 65 grains of powder in a rifle cartridge load. You should confirm every load with at least two manuals or even multiple sources if you have not used that powder in that cartridge before. Start by considering the printed load for reasonableness before using it. Common sense will do a lot toward saving yourself from the sort of injury that in retrospect would seem like gross neglect or stupidity. But which in reality might be as simple as diligently following erroneous guidance which resulted from a simple typing error! Be careful out there and be safe. All that said – don’t be afraid to start reloading if you are unfamiliar with it. There are multiple manuals and online load references available that make checking and double checking a load quick and easy to ensure your safety.  

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